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HOW TO sweep BCH from Mycelium (BTC address) to app

This is a tutorial that answers my own question: [ ]
If you had any BTC in your Mycelium wallet app before August 1, then you also have BCH at the same BTC wallet address.
Mycelium doesn't support BCH. So this will teach you how to sweep the BCH to the wallet app, without paying fees.
You will need your 12 word backup seed that you got when you setup your wallet in Mycelium.
And you will need to install the wallet app (android). Yellow icon.

Part 1 – get your Mycelium backup key:

(skip to Part 2 if you already know your 12 words)
  1. Open Mycelium app.
  2. Click the 3-dot-icon at the TOP right.
  3. Choose backup.
  4. Enter your PIN (if you set one and it asks).
  5. Wait 60 seconds for a countdown.
  6. Click ok.
  7. Keep tapping to show your 12 words. Write them down somewhere safe.
  8. It asks you to type them back in, to confirm. You can skip by pressing the back key on your phone.

Part 2 – Setup wallet:

  1. Open the app. (skip to step 11 if you used the Bitcoin app before, and already finished welcome mode)
  2. If you never used it before, it will ask you to: create a new one, or Restore from backup. Don't click Restore (it didn't work for me). Just create a new BCH wallet. (You won't need it for now, but you need the welcome mode to turn off).
  3. Next screens: Read about the app features, or click skip. It creates a wallet.
  4. A green screen loads saying “wallet created.” Scroll down (tablet users). It asks for your email to send payment notifications (when you receive BCH). Enter your email. (I would not use gmail, hotmail, or any government/spy email. Use an encrypted email for BCH transfers so that your record is private and not audit-able. E.g. .)
  5. Enable or disable get news. Then click continue, then confirm email.
  6. Backup this new wallet. (You don't need this wallet to sweep your BCH. But backup this new wallet just in case you forgot that you were not going to use it.)
  7. Click Got it, and I understand, to proceed.
  8. Next screen, write down your 12 words exactly. Then click “I've written it down.”
  9. Next screen. At the bottom: click your 1st word, then 2nd, etc, until you have the 12 words in order. Then click confirm, then got it.
  10. Next screen. Click I understand, and agree to terms. Continue.
  11. After you setup a wallet, go to the main screen. Click the PLUS icon where it says “Bitcoin CASH wallets.”
  12. Choose New personal wallet.
  13. Very important: Type in a wallet name. For this example I use “BCH Aug.”
  14. Select coin: BCH
  15. Click show advanced.
  16. Click where it says “wallet key … Random.”
  17. A popup menu displays. Click “Specify Recovery Phrase.”
  18. Click where it says “Enter the recovery phrase.
  19. Paste in or type your 12 words from your Mycelium backup, not the new wallet you just made.
  20. Keep Derivation path at: m/44'/0'/0'
  21. At the bottom click “Create new wallet.”
  22. The wallet should be created.
  23. Critical steps. Go to the home screen. Click settings icon at the bottom right.
  24. Next screen. Scroll down to the list of Bitcoin Cash wallets. Find “BCH Aug” or whatever you named the wallet you just made.
  25. Next screen. Scroll down and click more options.
  26. Click wallet addresses.
  27. Click “scan addresses for funds.” If it works, a new green-screen should pop up and show some BCH coins, which is the number of BTC coins you expected to have. (The same 12 seed wallet had both BTC and BCH coins. But now you imported the seed, and calibrated the wallet to be on the BCH chain.) If the scan worked, click the back button, then set a PIN for the Bitcoin app. (Go to Settings > Lock App > set PIN. Write it down somewhere, and email it to yourself using your encrypted email – so no one can hack or subpoena your inbox.) You can use your wallet safely now. You can skip the remaining steps.
  28. If the scan showed zero, then do these next steps. Look where it says “Unused Addresses.” Tap the Plus icon 6 times. Then click scan again. If this doesn't show your coins, then tap the Plus icon 6 more times again, then scan. (Mine worked by just tapping it 6 times. But if not, tap up to 20 times, until you get an "Empty addresses limit reached" message; then click scan.)
  29. Your coins should show in the balance after this. If not, then post below for someone else to answer what to do, since it exceeds the scope of this tutorial. Thank you.
I spent 3 hours searching, experimenting, then writing this. I didn't find an exact answer for BCH and Mycelium > app. So I tried things until it worked for me. If it was helpful then let me know :)
Thanks to for making a BCH wallet with a PIN lock.
I request that they add the APK file somewhere to download, in case you don't have GooglePlay, or you want a backup of the Install file.
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Mycelium Wallet 2.2 is out

The new biggest feature is complete support for Tor, though the Orbot app, that connects directly to our nodes running as a hidden service (with a .onion extension). The wallet will now monitor your Orbot connection, launch it if it's not running, and will let you know if Tor access is available or not. Previously if Tor access wasn't available, Android OS would quietly switch it over to open web without us being able to control or stop it. We initially included built-in Orchid library, that would have allowed the wallet to have its own built-in Tor without any third party apps, but it proved to be extremely slow (took a minute or longer to connect and synchronize every time). If anyone has trouble getting Orbot due to it being blocked in your country, let us know and we may host an apk of it ourselves as well.
Other changes include:
Now we are on to adding more support for HD accounts such as Cold Storage spending from HD paper wallets and HD watch only addresses, built-in support for Trezor and Ledger, and a slew of other things. Please let us know if you run into any problems, and give us feedback for things you would like us to add to our immense To-Do list.
You can download it from Google Play or directly from our site here
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Mycelium 2.0 Alpha with full HD support launched for testnet

Over the summer we have been working hard to get Mycelium 2.0 with HD support ready. The Alpha version has been submitted for testnet and is available on Google Play now:
The same signed APK can be downloaded here:
What's different?
At a glance it looks like it used to except that the Keys tab is renamed to Accounts, and all your keys/addresses are called accounts. So all your private keys and read-only addresses are preserved fully backwards compatible.
Beneath the UI everything has changed.
What is new?
You can have as many accounts as you like (HD or not), but your wallet will be slower if you have many. Since HD accounts produce unlimited amounts of new addresses as you use them you will eventually feel the effect. To mitigate that you can archive accounts as they grow heavy. You can activate archived accounts as you wish.
Help us testing the testnet version of Mycelium 2.0 to get the production version out faster If you need testnet coins strike a deal with Virtual Trader by clicking "Buy / Sell Bitcoin"
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Is there a way to isolate a private key in a (smartphone) and use the product of that key to broadcast a transaction?

Let me explain. I need a private key (maybe a paper private wallet/key that I show to Mycelium) to let the app know that I am the true owner of the "account". So my smartphone (freshly factory resetted and Mycelium has been installed from an .apk file downloaded from the website previously, installed from the SD card socket) goes online to broadcast the transaction and there is a small chance that there is a person or machine trying to hack into my smartphone, plant snooping software and work out my private key. Yes, it's unlikely to happen, but it could happen. My bitcoin stash isn't 100% safe.
So let's imagine an intermediary smartphone. Factory resetted, and the apk file installed from the SD card socket. I could take a soldering iron to the wifi chip and overheat it, so it's unusable online. Basically, this smartphone has never and will never go online. Ever.
This smartphone scans my paper private key. It then processes it and produces a 'safe' key, maybe it's the public key, maybe it's an intermediary. It's displayed on the screen of my safe smartphone. My second smartphone then scans the screen of that, and broadcasts that key.
I hope that I've got the terminology alright. Here are my questions:
Does this exist? What's it called (the method)? Which apps provide functionality?
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